Drive Revive

Dore Paving understands that having a beautiful driveway or patio isn't as simple as it sounds. That's why we offer our popular service, Drive Revive.

Moss and other weeds can cause driveways to look old and aged. Dore Paving has its own refurbishment team which will come and revive the life in your patio or driveway.

Our special drive treatment has zero effect on the environment, re-cleans your driveway when it rains as it reactivates the formula and keeps your driveway looking brand new. Drive Revive also works on patios, keeping all of your paving looking stunning all year round.

At an interval of your choosing, we recommend a quarterly visit, our team can visit your properly and apply a unique treatment to your stonework to keep it looking as fresh as possible. Having spent money on the installation, it would be a waste to watch as your driveway deteriorates over time.

As well as driveways and patios, the Drive-Revie formula also works on roofs!

We also offer a free demo at your home so you can see the Drive-Revive formula in person before you decide.How it works:

  • Firstly the area will be pressure cleaned removing weeds, moss and algae. Specific areas that have been damaged by oil stains will also be treated.
  • The area will then be treated with weed killer to kill any new seeds that may be waiting to grow.
  • A fine graded sand will then be brushed into the joints of block paving which prevents any movement of the blocks under the pressure of vehicles.
  • Finally, an all-weather sealant will be applied to the driveway or patio. This gives the area the "wet look" that many customers ask for. The sealant not only improves the life span of the area but also prevents further weed growth, penetration of oil, frost damage and UV rays damage.

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The Drive-Revive formula isn't limited to just your home, we also offer the service to commercial properties! We cover pubs and other businesses with outdoor areas that require regular cleaning and have a danger of customers slipping.

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